Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekly Update:

1. DNA Evidence Used to Identify Suspects in Rape Case:

DNA evidence will be used to charge four young men with raping and beating a mother and her son in West Palm Beach, Florida. The evidence was collected after the attack last June, and has been found to match that of the suspects. If convicted, all four will face life in prison.

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2. Passerbys Disrupt an Assault in Progress:

Last weekend in Salem, Oregon, five young adults driving along a busy road saw a drunk, distressed man and woman, and stopped to see if everything was alright. Upon stopping, it became clear to the people in the car that the woman was being attacked by the man, and called for help. Upon seeing the car, the man attempted to flee the scene, but was tackled by some of the people in the car. The suspect was held until police arrived to arrest him; the suspect is currently being held without bail, and awaiting trial next week.

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3. Dubai Media Attempts to Cover Up Rape of French Boy; Law Blames Victim

While travelling in Dubai with his family last summer, a French 15-year old was kidnapped and raped by three men. He and his family went the the authorities, hoping to press charges. They were discouraged from doing so, and were told that the survivor could in fact be charged with "criminal homosexual activity." The survivor and his family have since returned home, and continue to persue legal recourse.

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