Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna: in case you haven't been following...

The Chris Brown controversy continues today as a flood of new reports attempt to shed light on what really went down between the R&B singer and girlfriend Rihanna early Sunday morning.

New reports detail the extent of Rihanna's injuries, allegedly inflicted by Brown. People magazine says the 20-year-old singer suffered a black eye and bruises at the hand of Chris, while a police source tells the magazine that the altercation left Rihanna with "a swollen, split lip and two red and purple contusions on either side of her forehead." E! online reported that Rihanna claimed to the LAPD that Chris choked her while threatening to kill her -- and she lost consciousness.

News outlets also suggest several different scenarios which may have sparked the heated argument. The NY Daily News reports that the "Umbrella" singer lost it when she found a text from another girl on Brown's phone -- citing a music industry source who revealed the details. The source claims that Rihanna attempted to leave the car after the blow-up, and Chris grabbed her to stop her from going. OK! magazine takes that theory one step further, suggesting that heiress Paris Hilton and Brown were flirty, which sparked the fight.

As speculation continues to surround the pre-Grammy incident, reports of canceled concerts and withdrawn radio plays circulate on the net. Rihanna has canceled a second concert which had been scheduled for Thursday in Indonesia, while Brown's songs continue to be pulled from airwaves due to the public outcry against him. The latest radio station to pull his tunes is B103.9 in South Florida. "We asked listeners what they thought," radio host Big Mama dished to NBC 2 News. "They want Chris Brown off the radio."

Today, "Extra" spoke exclusively with Brown's sister, Lytrell Bundy (aka Tootie) about the alleged attack. "He's always been a good boy -- never violent," Tootie says. When asked about how Chris is dealing with his arrest and the fallout, Tootie confesses, "He's doing good. He's coping... He's doing as... as to be expected."

Both Rihanna and Brown have stayed out of the public eye since the alleged altercation -- even foregoing the Grammy Awards, where both were scheduled to perform. Rihanna is said to be flying to Barbados to be with her family, while Brown -- rumored to be in Las Vegas -- is expected to lay low until his March 5 court date.

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Trans Youth said...

I find it interesting that not only is the media insistent upon finding out "what really happened," even though it's none of their business and probably traumatizing enough as it is, but I also love how they are now trying to pin the "source" of the abuse on Rihanna by saying it started because she was mad or upset because she assumed her boyfriend was cheating on her.
I haven't heard anyone say that in so many words yet, but the collective conscious is there that while he obviously did a horrible thing, the way to "avoid" it is not to confront your partner of infidelity, lest they attack you in responsive rage.